Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B

• Inactivated vaccine

• Single antigen or in combination with Hepatitis A

• Intramuscular



Recommended for all adults particularly:

• Those without documented evidence of immunity to Hepatitis B

• Healthcare workers

• Household contacts and sex partners of persons with chronic Hep B infection or HBV carriers

• Recipients of blood products • Sexually active persons • Immigrants from areas of high HbsAg endemecity

• Clients and staff members of institutions for persons with disabilities

• Travelers to countries with high or intermediate prevalence of chronic Hep B infection

• IV drug users

• Diabetics

• End stage renal disease and on hemodialysis

• Persons with HIV/AIDS

• Chronic liver disease



3 doses

 • 0,1,6 months

Combination Hep A and B

• Regular schedule

- 0,1,6 months

• Accelerated schedule:

- Days 0, 7, 21-30 and at 12 months

Booster is NOT routinely recommended.



• Severe allergic reactions to vaccine components (eg. baker's yeast) or following previous dose

• Moderate or severe acute illness

• Pregnancy is not a contraindication to vaccination 


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